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Lab Steel and Wood Bench
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The test bench made of steel and wood is called a steel bench. C-Frame type structure is simple, flexible, can be freely combined, can choose to use hanging cabinet and push cabinet structure, easy to install and disassemble, is conducive to laboratory cleaning.

First, the table (optional):

1. Using 12.7mm thick psychological board.

2. Uses 13mm thick Trespa.

3. 20mm thick epoxy board

4. 20mm thick ceramic plate

5. Using Weisheng Ya 12.7mm thick gram plate

Second, the cabinet:

1. Insert door type

2. Color: 27 # blue wrinkle - 22 # white wrinkle, 66 # blue - 93 # white, 68 # blue - 144 # camel, 79 # gray - 93 # white (optional), the specific color see the color sample block.

3. Use materials:

(a) The cabinet is sprayed with 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate resin powder.

(b) The drawer bottom is the same material as the cabinet.

(c) The door hinge uses imported Italian products.

(d) Drawer slide rails are imported from Spain.

(e) The door handle is a joint venture embedded PVC buckle hand.

(f) Corrosion resistant injection molded high strength adjustable feet.

Third, accessories:

1. Faucets and sinks use Taiwan-made laboratory-specific products.

2. Gas COC uses Taiwan-made laboratory-specific products.

3. Eyewashers and emergency showers use imported laboratory-specific products.

4. The universal suction hood is made of imported laboratory-specific products.

5. The experimental stool is made of glass steel (leather) stools and stainless steel stools.

6. Drip racks use ABS drip sticks.

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